What’s happening on site 31-03-2017

Work has continued this week on culvert S05, that carries the town lade under the A9. The concrete formwork on the east side has now been removed, waterproofing and drainage installed and backfilling around the structure is well underway. The concrete pour to the east outlet base was also completed this week. This half of the structure under the A9 is now nearing completion with reinstatement of the A9 programmed to take place next week, following which the contraflow on the A9 will be switched to the opposite carriageway to allow works on the other half to commence.

Further concrete pours have taken place on culvert S04 which will carry the town lade under the new link road. The concrete that forms the culvert base is now complete and the first pour has taken place to form the culvert walls. Work is continuing on erecting the shuttering for the remaining wall sections with further concrete pours planned for next week.

This week has also seen the arrival of the pilling rig that will install he foundations for structure S01, the new bridge across the A9. Seven piles will be installed to either side of the A9, each of these 900mm in diameter and each around 45m deep which are required to support this new structure.

Elsewhere, earthwork fill has been ongoing throughout the site, utility diversion works have been taking place and new drainage has been installed around the Crieff Road area.

Ivor Goodsite was also seen on site