What’s happening on site 26-05-2017

This week has seen the final reinforced concrete pile being installed on the east side of structure S01 (new bridge over the A9) which completes the pilling operations for this structure. A total of 14 piles have been installed in total to support the new structure (7 each side), each to a depth of around 50m below the ground. Work is underway to install the steel reinforcement to the west side which will form the new bridge abutment.

The final concrete pour of the roof slab of structure S04 was completed this week, with attention now turning to construction of the culvert wingwalls.

Works on structure S05 culvert under the A9 is progressing well with waterproofing being applied and backfilling of the structure well underway.

Work has commenced on the first section of the new stone wall that will form the new entrance into the Crematorium from the new road.

Elsewhere drainage and utility ducts are being installed throughout the site and earthworks ongoing in various locations.

Works are continuing on structure S02 (bridge across the Almond) with reinforced concrete piles currently being installed for the central pier.