What’s happening on site 21-07-2017

This week seen a major milestone reached in the project with the steel beams for Structure S01 lifted into place. The new bridge, which will carry traffic over the A9, consists of 3 pairs of steel beams, with each pair lifted into position over two nights, by a 750 tonne capacity crane. Each beam pair weighs in at around 105 tonnes. The beams, which comprise of 56% Scottish manufactured steel were delivered on 3 wagons from their manufacturing depot in Darlington.

Following installation of these beams, work will now progress on constructing the bridge deck and wingwalls.

Elsewhere on site this week, work has been progressing on the new lade diversion, in preparation for the switch over next week.

Structure S04 – new lade culvert is now substantially complete, with waterproofing being applied to the structure roof prior toΒ  backfilling over the structure next week.

Work is also progressing on the construction of the abutments and pier of Structure S02 – new bridge over the River Almond. This week has seen work continuing on installing the reinforcement and formwork.