What’s happening on site 20-01-17

The temporary bailey bridge across the River Almond has opened to site traffic this week with vehicles hauling site won material from the Mineral Extraction Area at Bertha Park. This material is being utilised on site as fill, and to construct the embankments on top of which the new road will sit.


Elsewhere, work has commenced on culvert S04 which will carry the lade and pedestrian footpath under the new link road.


Work has also progressed to temporarily divert the town lade to allow construction works to commence on the new embankments. The lade will run in this temporary position until culverts S04 and S05 (which will carry the lade under the A9) are complete.



The first of the lightweight fill material (Leca LWA expanded clay) has arrived in Perth Harbour. This material will be used in the construction of the new embankments alongside the A9, and has been shipped in to the Harbour from Denmark. A further 6 to 7 shipments of this material is due to arrive in the coming weeks.



Overnight tree felling works to the east of the A9 has also been ongoing, with temporary safety barriers installed on the A9 at the same time.