What’s happening on site 16-12-16

Work to install the temporary bridge across the River Almond is nearing completion with the final push of the bridge taking place last week. A video of this can be viewed on @PTFutures1 twitter feed. Final preparations are being made to this structure with an aim to it opening to site traffic in the new year.


Works have commenced on the installation of vertical “band” drains to either side of the A9 in preparation for the earthwork embankment construction in the new year.


Work to install a temporary bridge across the Town Lade on the east side of the A9 has also commenced, with the east concrete abutment being poured this week and the west abutment due to be poured early next week.



Elsewhere, work has continued on site clearance and construction of the haul road to the east of the A9 and in the area around Bertha Park.