What’s happening on site 10-11-2017

Work to form the footpaths around the new A85 west junction have been completed this week in preparation for the surfacing of these next week. This has also included the installation of utility ducts and traffic signal infrastructure.

Footway / cycleway preparation works have been ongoing in the area around the new Crematorium entrance along with fencing, verging and street lighting works.

This week has also seen the installation of the acoustic “greenscreen” fence between the new road and the Crematorium Gardens.  This fence will provide a noise barrier to the gardens and will be planted with fast growing climbing plants which have been designed to  grow up the fence and create a natural looking boundary between the new road and the Crematorium.

Work is ongoing to the new stone feature wall by the Crematorium overflow car park exit.

The installation of lightweight fill material to the east abutment of structure S01 has continued this week and is now capped off, ready for works to commence on the parapet support beams to the bridge.

Installation of steel reinforcement and formwork has continued to the north abutment and bridge deck of structure S02.

Preparatory ground works have commenced this week on structure S03 – the new pedestrian footbridge over the A9.

Elsewhere, work is continuing on the Bertha Park link road installing the road capping layer, utility duct installation works are continuing at Bertha Park Roundabout and earthworks are ongoing on the new West connector road.