What’s happening on site 08-09-2017

The second of three concrete pours to the deck of Structure S01 has been completed this week. This pour consisted of a further 100 cubic metres of concrete pumped up and on to the bridge deck. Work is now underway constructing the formwork for the west section, in preparation for the third deck pour in the coming weeks.

All the beam sections have now arrived for Structure S02. A 1000t crane is due to arrive on site early next week in preparation for the first of these beams being lifted in to place mid-week.

Works have commenced on formation of the new Crieff Road West junction with earthworks ongoing and drainage currently being installed here.

Works to the Crematorium wall are ongoing, as well as earthworks to form the line of the new road progressing in this area.


Kerbing work has commenced on the Bertha Park link road, north of the River Almond, as well as the formation of the new Bertha Park roundabout.