What’s happening on site 03-11-2017

A further boat load of light weight fill material has arrived in Perth harbour. 5000 cubic metres of the expanded clay lightweight material was shipped in from Denmark and is being placed to the east side of the A9 around S01 east abutment.

Works have continued this week on the construction of the A85 west junction. The new kerb line has been installed along with the traffic signal and utility ducts. Preparations are underway for the surfacing of this junction next week.

Earthworks have commenced on the construction of the west connector road linking the A85 to the new bridge over the A9.

Structures work this week has consisted of the pouring of the west wingwalls to structure S01 bridge over the A9 with works continuing on the deck reinforcement on structure S02 bridge over the River Almond.

Elsewhere drainage works are continuing on the Southbound diverge and the Crematorium Link Road, with surfacing works taking place on the new Bertha Park Roundabout.