What’s happening on site 01 09 2017

This week has seen the steel beams for Structure S02m bridge over the River Almond begin to arrive on site.

The bridge will consist of 3 pairs of beams, each pair arriving in 3 separate sections. Preparatory work is currently taking place for the beams being lifted into place in mid-September.

Installation of temporary formwork on Structure S01, bridge over the A9 is taking place to the east side of the structure in preparation for the second of the three concrete pours that will form the bridge deck. This pour is due to take place early next week.

Work to form the new footway and cycleways is ongoing around the A85 Crieff Road junction near the Crematorium.

Elsewhere, earthworks fill is taking place on either side of the A9, with drainage works ongoing to the north of the River Almond